Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the land of pudding and whipped cream....

Hey everyone! Another recipe for you, this is a really awesome, super fast, delicious, dessert. Pudding Parfaits.

1 box of instant pudding (any flavor)
2 cups of milk (for the pudding, I believe it's 2 cups per box of pudding, just follow the directions on the box.)
Whipped cream

Make the pudding by following the directions on the box. Then you can do layers of pudding and whipped cream in your serving dishes, or just put the pudding on the bottom and the whipped cream on top, however you want to do it. Enjoy! One more thing, this is a really basic recipe and you can spice it up however you want, with fruit or something else in the layers also. Have fun with it!


Matt said...


Lol, I think you're the only one who will get that. Delicious desert though!

Karen said...

We are buying the ingredients for this little wonder today!
What's your favorite kind of fruit to have with it?
Two from our family definitely want strawberries.

Dagmar said...

Matt- Uh Yeah. LOL

Karen- When I made them for our family I just used chocolate mint pudding and whipped cream. So I didn't put fruit in this time. I really want to try strawberries and pineapple though. : ]

Anonymous said...

I love the "IN the land of pudding and whipped cream"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so Good
~Angel girl