Monday, January 26, 2009

Homemade Tortillas

I found this recipe online and it has become a family favorite! Store bought ones just don't taste so good any more, I think the homemade ones are more filling too. They are really easy to make and turn out soft and yummy!

Flour Tortillas

2 c. flour
1-1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. oil
3/4 c. warm water or milk

Stir together first 3 ingredients, Mix in liquids. Dough will be sticky. Knead 2 minutes. Let rest 10-20 minutes. Divide into about 8 balls and let rest for another 10-20 minutes. Roll or press out as flat as you possibly can. Fry on a dry skillet until slightly brown. You can keep them warm and soft if you cover them with a damp towel. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

They are the Best in the World!

~The Food Critic

Prairie Schooner Travelers said...

Hey! We tried them last nite! My problem was not rolling them thin enough, but still good, and even was able to wrap them around chicken for enchiladas!
Definitely more flavorful than the "cardboard" purchased ones(-:

Kiwi da Fruit said...

Whai isn't you posting??
Didja get my email today??
Whai isn't you commenting??
Whai is you lurking??
Whai don't you answer??
Whai am I spelling 'whai' this way??

Dagmar said...

Kiwi da Fruit- Yes. I got your email. I have been a stalker...which reminds me I have something to tell you next time you call. :D :D :D I'll post soon I promise! I've been super busy! Awaiting your letter...

the great excavation said...

Uh laura! Were you doubting me...... Huh, don't worry, I will be there one way or another....maybe not with my homework done but I'll be there... Hmmm, I hope they don't expel people;-D Cause that could be me. JK. I don't even have all of it done and we are leaving to go up to Des Moines tomorrow......oops. Well, gotta go back to the homework. YEAH! NOT! Can't wait!!! Mikaela aka Mickey=D